Latest update -- Jersey City tax rate 1.48%. That's pretty awesome!!

Official website for Jersey City tax reval progress -- click here.

Jersey City 2018 Revaluation Tax Impact Summary -- click here.

I've taken all the data from the spreadsheet above, and visualized on the Google Map below. Hopefully this helps everyone to get a sense of the effect of this tax reval. Please note that nothing is finalized yet -- this spreadsheet will continue to grow and change, and I will keep this map up-to-date. Proposed Assessments as of 4/2/2018 are included.

Because the entire data set is massive and growing, the map below can take a few seconds to a minute to load, depending on your internet speed. Please be patient.

How to read this map:

  • Green arrow up -- tax increase
  • Red arrow down -- tax decrease
  • Click on the arrow to view each property location, 2017 tax and estimated 2018 tax

This map is created by an individual for experimental purpose, not by any official or organization. It's provided "as is" and subject to software bugs and human errors. Data provided by this map should not influence any decision of yours.

Value letters are being mailed beginning Monday, January 8, 2018. Please refer to the information in your letter to arrange a one-on-one meeting with a representative to discuss the proposed 2018 assessment.

Value letters are being mailed in stages over the course of the coming weeks. You are unable to schedule a meeting until you receive your value letter via US Mail.

Jersey City Mayor, Steve Fulop, gave the latest update about tax reval in his State of the City 2018 address. Please watch the video below if you are interested.